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  • Wedding Cake - HYBRID
  • Ice Cream Cookies - INDICA
  • Sour Diesel - SATIVA

Wedding Cake: Rich and sweet with a hint of vanilla frosting.

Ice Cream Cookies: Creamy, sweet, with a touch of sugar cookie dough.

Sour Diesel: A pungent flavor with a sour citrus kick.

2GR | Blunt Pre Roll Get ready for a top-shelf experience with our hefty 2-gram Blunt Pre Roll. It's the go-to option for a full-flavored, deeply satisfying smoke that's perfect for any time. Select from our lineup of indulgent strains: the rich and sweet Wedding Cake, the creamy and dreamy Ice Cream Cookies, or the bold and powerful Sour Diesel. Each one is packed with distinctive flavors and designed to make your moments more memorable.

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Sizing Guide

Device White Black Red Green
Chair 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5
Moniter 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5
Keycaps 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5
CPU 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5
Mouse 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5

Bugatti Vape Testimonials

A Walk Through an Orchard!

"I've tried many apple-flavored vapes, but Bugatti's Apple stands out. It's like taking a stroll through an orchard on a sunny day. The flavor is so authentic; it's the perfect blend of tart and sweet. Every puff feels like biting into a fresh apple. Highly recommended!"

Jessica Martinez

Double the Delight!

"The Double Apple flavor is a game-changer. The combination of Granny Smith and Red Delicious is genius. It's crisp, refreshing, and has that perfect balance of sweetness. It's my go-to flavor now!"

Aaron Lewis

Summer in a Vape!

"Strawberry Watermelon is like a summer vacation in every puff. The sweetness of strawberries combined with the refreshing taste of watermelon is just divine. It's the perfect flavor to relax and unwind. Can't get enough of it!"

Mia Kensington

A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship!

"The ROYALE is not just a vape pipe; it's a statement. The solid aluminum build, the OLED display, and the bespoke chipset make it a cut above the rest. It feels premium in hand, and the performance is unmatched. Paired with Bugatti's flavors, it's an experience like no other. Worth every penny!"

Ethan Parker

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